StrengthsTransform™ Personal Mastery

StrengthsFinder Personal Mastery

Resilience | Diversification | Intrinsic Motivation

What is this about?

The StrengthsTransform™ Personal Mastery programme empowers youths to develop resilience & overcome challenges. Instead of merely focusing on deficits, this applies positive psychology to engage youths to master the teenage development journey

  • Master your thoughts & feelings through understanding strengths
  • Overcome challenges by playing to your talents
  • Use strengths to direct your life for maximum fulfilment & well-being

who should attend?

Youths (15 & above) seeking to overcome challenges through strengths-based development:

  1. “How may I overcome challenges using my innate talents?”
  2. “How can I use my strengths to re-engage in family & society?”
  3. “How may I clarify my vision for career excellence & purpose in life?”

what participants say


“Through strengths, I understood that I love to play video games because I am able to use all my top talent themes during the group gaming sessions. But I also realise that the chances of fulfilling my preferred career option as an E-sports gamer are pretty slim. However my strengths also position me well to choose a career as a lawyer. But to do that that, I have to cut down on my gaming.”

Alister Lian, 16 years old

“Through the programme, I realise that I have a passion for modding (video games) because I get to learn from others & build new and fun communities. The programme taught me to diversify my interests using strengths. I plan to reduce my time for modding & focus on my studies. I also need to find the right areas to direct my strength for learning on the Internet.”

Bryan Toh, 16 years old


This programme helped me realise the talents I had and helped me understand how to manage my time on the Internet.

Cyrus Lim, 14 Years Old

This programme helps find your talents and make you do more things in life

Divyan Vijayan, Sec Two

I like the trainer. I will tell others that the programme was illuminating and would recommend to one who wants to find out their talents.

Lucas Chong, Secondary One


“I think that understanding my strengths make me feel more confident in what I do next time.”

Gershon, Lower Secondary

“Understanding my strengths enables me to reach to my fullest potential”

Aloysius, Lower Secondary

“The strengths training helps me to improve my usage on using the Internet”

Gerlyn Koh, Lower Secondary

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