StrengthsTransform™ TeamBuilding

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StrengthsTransform™ Team Challenge

Urban Conquest™ | Island Conquest™

what is it about?

The StrengthsTransform™ Team Challenge is a high-energy mass teambuilding event suitable for schools & youths.

  1. Form teams with complementary talents
  2. Forge understanding & appreciation of others
  3. Apply Strengths to maximise impact
  4. Fight for glory & excellence

who should attend?

Youths, CCA & Leadership Teams seeking to:

  1. Forge better communication & more effective partnerships
  2. Resolve conflicts
  3. Build teamwork to attain excellence
Talent Synergy for Team Conquest
Talent Synergy for Team Conquest
Strengths-Based Teams in Action
Strengths-Based Teams in Action
Strengths-Based Production
Strengths-Based Production
Strengths-Based Team Planning
Place-Based Learning
Place-Based Learning
Serve the Community
Serve the Community

what participants say


"Gamification at its best. LIVE simulation of possible real world happenings in terms of (working) life and working together. How I wish I had this when I was a student (but don't we all?) Both were well thought out with good progression routes and challenging enough to make students continue to press on.

The team-bonding games were also hence crafted into the Island Conquest and for some, Urban Conquest, rather than the usual humdrum cheer and play.

Very very good. Nothing but praise. Love this segment."

Anonymous, Bartley Secondary School


“I was very unsure of what my core values were. I felt stucked as i didn't know how to utilize it to push my team for a breakthrough. After the workshop however, I am much more clearer about who am I and what my strengths are. I also realise that my exco is filled with many talented people and I appreciate them for it. I know know how to progress with my exco by allowing each and everyone of them to utilize their strengths”

Anna Tan Xuan, CHIJ St Theresa’s Convent

“I was not very confident of myself as a leader, I thought I was just more outspoken. Now I realise how talented I am and now am excited to use my talents to help the school. I feel more confident in executing projects and excited to improve my talents and manage my weaknesses”

Bernales Bernice, CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent

Temasek Junior College

"I always though it would be hard for people of contrasting talent themes to work together harmoniously. After the programme I realised that in the bigger picture, people of contrasting talents can work well together.

This programme truly open my eyes with regards to working with people and the programme has allowed me to better understand my talent themes to strive to be the person I really am in order to achieve excellence"

John Loh, Year Three

"This programme is really engaging & enjoyable. Before session, I thought being the best in everything is the important key to success. After the programme, I learnt that teamwork is really the most important aspect."

Anita Ong, Year Three

Temasek Secondary School

"I like it most when trainer taught us how different signature themes complement each other. Now I can focus on my team's strengths."

Eka Yulniesa, Student Leader, Secondary Two

"Very useful in finding ways to improve yourself and appreciate the people around you. Seriously though, it helps working in teams easier."

Izzah Hazirah, Student Leader, Secondary Two


"I like it because I get to know my strengths (which I didn't know previously). It improves my relationship with team mates."

Algernon Loh, Secondary Two

"I understand my role in the team so that we can work together and have better results. I know my strengths and can apply them in real life."

Ng Jass Lin, Secondary Two

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