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Strengths-Based Leadership Workshops

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What is it about?

The StrengthsTransform™ Leadership powers leadership & management excellence through strengths-based selection, talent development, engagement

  • Hire & deploy for maximum performance
  • Expand on individual genius for collective excellence

who should attend?

Business Owners, Leaders & Managers:

  1. Looking to integrate strengths-based insights into hiring & deployment
  2. Desiring to improve productivity by maximising employee talent
  3. Improving employee engagement to sustain organisational growth
Strengths-Based Leadership Workshops
Strengths-Based Leadership Workshops
Strengths-Based Management Team
Strengths-Based Management Team
Top Corporate Leaders Reframe for Strengths-Based Leadership
Top Corporate Leaders Reframe for Strengths-Based Leadership

what participants say

StrengthsTransform Client Singhealth

"Before the workshop, I expect my colleagues to understand me. However after the session, I will attempt to understand where my colleagues is coming from.”

Dr. Tay Ee Guan, Deputy CEO

SingHealth Polyclinics


“The Gallup certified Strengths Coach is not only knowledgeable in the facts and figures of StrengthFinder, he is also very sharp to pick out little details in a person and help him or her understand his/ her strengths deeper.”

Mr. Christopher Chew, Operations Manager

Comfort Design Pte. Ltd.


"Previously I only looked at how to solve the problem with my strengths. Now I look at how to solve the problem by harnessing the team's strengths. I will say that it was most impactful to see how everyone approach a problem differently”

Ong Hong Kiat, Technology Manager

STYL Solutions Pte. Ltd.


Learning Point launched an initiative to transition into a strengths-based organisation in December 2013. StrengthsTransform brought good awareness for each individual to operate on their power & edge to work as a team.

The Management was particularly pleased with the impact of the team-building sessions. A new strengths-based language was learned and noticeably, staff began to apply their talents at work. The became more appreciative of the unique contributions of others in the team. they claimed their own strengths and set goals to apply them to achieve the company's objectives. Many have become happier staff.

Eunice Wee, Director

Learning Point Group


It is good to know my strengths & of those I work with. Before the workshop, I had a vague idea of my strength. But after the session, I know my strengths and how to work with them.

Melissa Yong, Assistant Manager, Graduate Medical Education

National Healthcare Group


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