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StrengthsTransform Professional Series

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What is it about?

The StrengthsTransform™ Professional series uses StrengthsFinder to power excellence in career by discovering, developing & directing one's unique talents.

  • Find engagement, excellence & success in your career
  • Position yourself for a job that capitalises on your innate talents

Who should attend?

Professionals, Managers, Executives & Technicians (PMETs); Qualified mid-career personnel looking for meaningful adjustments in jobs & industry:

  1. Desire to bring your best talent to your current job?
  2. Seeking higher engagement or a different challenge in career?
  3. Displaced from industry & seeking to re-establish career?
Effective Mass Engagement Powered by Top Speakers
Effective Mass Engagement Powered by Top Speakers
Mass Interaction Activities - Creative Androgogy
Mass Interaction Activities - Creative Androgogy
Scaffolded Small Group Sharing
Scaffolded Small Group Sharing
Learning Through Gamification
Learning Through Gamification
Group Coaching With Card Games
Group Coaching With Card Games
Application for Varied Scope of Work
Application for Varied Scope of Work
StrengthsTransform(TM) Board Games
StrengthsTransform(TM) Board Games
Team Discussion
Team Discussion

what participants say

StrengthsTransform Client Singhealth

"I didn’t have a structured way to categorize talents. However, I am now able to appreciate and articulate my talents and use it at work and personal”

Dr. Gilbert Tan, Assistant Director

SingHealth Polyclinics

StrengthsTransform Client STYL

"This is eye-opening.

The greatest impact was to understand the different characteristics (among us) & the different perceptions. Previously I didn't really know my talents as it has always been part of me. But after the session, I know how to use and enhance my talent to become a strength”

Wakana Morooka, Sales Manager

STYL Pte. Ltd.

StrengthsTransform Client NHG

The most impactful takeaway was identifying the combination of my strengths that enhances my ability in my scope of work.

Before the session, I did not have a good overview of the overall strengths of my organisation. But after the session, I have  clearer view.

Cavvy Chin, Assistance Director, Learning Design & Technology

National Healthcare Group

StrengthsTransform Client Huttons

“This workshop allows individual to understand themselves better and is accurate to a great extent. It is motivating and gives more direction at work”

Mr. Ken Low, Associate Group Director

Huttons Asia Pte. Ltd.

StrengthsTransform Client TRDO

"The most impactful takeaway was how the strengths complement each other and can be used to improve team dynamics and performance.

Before the session, I knew a little bit about strengths but not so much about the implications on a bigger picture. After session, I know how better to apply and maximise what I know about myself”

It will make you more effective at what you are doing and also to choose the night tasks to do”

Clarice Ng, Dance Mistress

The Royal Dance Off

StrengthsTransform Client Jenny

“Reviewing my life goals in the light of my strengths traits, I am more certain of my most immediate (short-term) & long-term goals to fulfil. Extrapolating from these goals, I zoom in on the things & aims that I would like to accomplish and this should help me jumpstart the second half of my life."

Ms. Jenny Chua

Diagnostics Coach @metaWORKS!

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Take an exploratory step with StrengthsTransform™ Jumpstart. Get your StrengthsFinder profile & arrange for a half-hour consultation to understand your top 5 talents & understand next steps to take.

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