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what is it about?

The StrengthsTransform™ Careers programme empowers students for excellence in future careers by Discovering, Developing Directing students' unique talents.

  • Uncover your most direct path to academic & career success
  • Direct your campus life for maximum returns

who should attend?

Students (15 & above) seeking to discover the best campus options according to their innate talents:

  1. “How may I clarify my vision for excellence in career & life?”
  2. “What course of study should I pursue?”
Education & Career Guidance with Strengths
Education & Career Guidance with Strengths
Group Discovery of Talents
Group Discovery of Talents
Core Competencies & Personal Branding
Core Competencies & Personal Branding

What participants say


“I feel that the programme has successfully identified the strengths that I have (including the unexpected). The programme definitely helps me gain an insight on what and how I should proceed further in life. If someone wants to know their purpose in life and how to tackle it from a fresh new perspective through this programme, this programme will be useful.”

Lam Kok Hao, Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design


"The greatest impact was realising that each individual has talents. If we can recognise them, and put in effort to nurture them, we can turn them into strengths, which comes in useful when we enter the workforce.

Before the session, I could not recognise my talents. But this programme has allowed me to realise them, and how they can be useful in my daily life. Now I can put in effort to work on these talents."

Ivan Tan, 15 Years Old


“This course has helped me greatly, by providing clarity to my talents and the suitable occupation for me. The course has also reassured me that my decisions were for the best of me, and that I would not regret my decision choosing my future occupation, as well as the relevant courses that pave the way to my desired occupation. The course has also greatly helped my friend, Joshua, who participated in the course along with myself, who was also enlightened about his talents”

Xavier Lee, 16 years old


“StrengthsTransform™ has helped me to set clearer goals in life and has made me more aware of what I want to do in the future, not only for a living, but also as a passion. I have become more aware of my strengths and I am confident of my mission and purpose in life. It has really benefitted me and I am happy to have attended it.”

Joshua Tan, 16 Years Old

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