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What is it about?

The StrengthsTransform™ Educator programme drives excellence in teaching careers by facilitating Discovery, Development & Directing of one's unique talents.

  • Attain Professional Excellence in Education by Discovering, Developing & Directing your Strengths
  • Teach with your strengths | Teach to your strengths | Bring your best talents to the classroom
  • Customise your approach to maximise student engagement, motivation & results

Who should attend?

Educators, Guidance Professionals, School Administrators & Youth Developers seeking to maximise effectiveness & impact using strengths

  1. How may I influence youths in my unique effective ways?
  2. How may I uncover youth talents and mentor them to shine?
  3. How can I apply strengths for Teaching & Learning, Co-curricula, Student Management & Student Well-Being?
Seminar - Effective Mass Engagement by Top Trainers
Seminar - Effective Mass Engagement by Top Trainers
Workshops - Close-up Interaction for Effective Learning
Workshops - Close-up Interaction for Effective Learning
Group Coaching
Group Coaching
Effective Androgogy Through Peer Learning
Effective Androgogy Through Peer Learning
Scaffolded Small Group Sharing
Scaffolded Small Group Sharing
Proprietary Coaching Tools
Proprietary Coaching Tools
Learning through Gamification
Learning through Gamification
Coaching Practice
Coaching Practice

What Participants Say

Bartley StrengthsTransform Kingmaker

The most impactful takeaway was the understanding of the various talent themes. Before programme, I didn't really appreciate the themes. But after the programme, I do appreciate them and can relate to them better.

This is great! Worth the time to invest in self-discovery for a more fulfilling life!

Liu Kah Yang

Year Head, Bartley Secondary School


Before the programme I was not so confident that my talents can help me in my work & parenting. But the most impactful takeaway was that I should accept myself more and not (try) to imitate others.

After the programme, I want to work on growing my talent so that it can be come a "strength". It is important to know our talents and work on it, not to always focus on working on "areas for improvement"

Wu Jian Hui

Vice Principal, Serangoon Junior College


“I’ve always thought I'm a people person and that seems to be seen as weakness when you are a leader but great to know that these other aspects are also significant over the years.”

Anonymous Teacher

East View Secondary School


I didn't understand myself clearly and I don't know how to improve my talents & use them in my job in life.

Now I know clearly about myself -“I realize my talents and know how I can improve that to become my strengths. I know how to use them to teach & to help the students.

This programme is the best programme I have attended. Other people and my students should know about this programme. Thanks a lot!

Dang Thi Thi Hien

Nguyen Tat Thanh School, Hanoi, Vietnam


The workshop is enriching. It provides me with insight on how to leverage on my strengths to make my teaching more effective in the classroom.

I find myself adopting teaching strategies that are just “me” and lessons become so naturally delivered. As a result, even though I have been teaching for the past decade, this workshop has moved me one notch higher in terms of participant engagement and motivation.

Mr. Tan is a very effective and relational coach who doesn’t just teach from the books, but his wealth of experience has made the session even more meaningful and realistic. This is a workshop that one shouldn’t miss.

Lydia Tan, Project Work Tutor, Boarding Mentor Knowledge Skills Department

Raffles Institution


I familiarised my self with the 34 talent themes & the differences between the similar sounding ones. This helps us to understand ourselves & how we work; how our colleagues with different strengths can complement us, and how we can guide our students using strengths.

Goh Pai Shen, Level Head

Dunman High School

2 - Serangoon Gardens SS

The greatest impact was learning how to recognise and apply my talent themes into my daily work and interaction.

Before the workshop, I was not sure if my talent themes were what I thought they were. Now I am able to fully appreciate what my talent themes are and intend to leverage on them as often as possible.

This is worth spending time on, to find out your strengths and what to do with them.”

Dominique Loh, Educator

Serangoon Gardens Secondary School

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