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What is it about?

Positive Parenting with Strengths is a strengths-based parenting programme using Gallup StrengthsFinder & StrengthsExplorer as a mediating language to Bridge Communication between parents & teens. Participants understand differences in each others' thinking, feeling & behaviour and learn to:

  • Play to each other's strengths in the family
  • Improve communication, reduce misunderstanding & resolve conflicts
  • Gain alignment on optimal path for growth & development

Who should attend?

Parents (& Teenagers) seeking to improve understanding & communication in the family

  1. How may I use my talents to be an effective parent?
  2. How may spouses complement each other's talents for parenting?
  3. What are my teenager's unique talents? How may I bring out the best in him?
  4. How can we communicate better between parents & teens?
Workshop for Parent & Child
Workshop for Parent & Child
Parent-Child Discussions
Parent-Child Discussions
Certified Coaches Mediate Interactions
Certified Coaches Mediate Interactions
Explore each other's point of view with Strengths
Explore each other's point of view with Strengths
Communication & Relationships
Communication & Relationships
Strengths-Based Parenting
Strengths-Based Parenting

Hear from our clients

strengthsfinder-singapore-Jenny Chua Family

“Realising the Harmony and Belief traits in me has urged me to make good my limited time with my loved ones, and even review my day-today tasks to realign not only with my passion but with those that can help me provide for my family. I also appreciate that part of myself that never wants to ‘rock the boat’ in the face of a challenging circumstance in my family or my work place”

Ms. Jenny Chua

Mother of Three Children

Parent-Child Discussions

“Even though parents and their children have different strengths, if they are able to complement each other, it will be very exciting and interesting”

Mrs. Christy

“I like the list of possibilities listed and show, where there are over a million different variations & combinations. It is so important to know and refine our strengths. Most importantly, I have benefitted.”

Matthew, Teenager



“The workshop helped me to understand my children better, particularly in the area where we are different. It is so crucial to focus on our children's & our own strengths in order to accomplish great things in life. I am a firm believer in this and hence chose to attend this  programme”

Rev. William Loke

Father to Two Teenage Girls

“Definitely worth investing your time to attend the workshop. Excellent content and trainer. The best part is that the workshop is customized to the attendees”

Mrs. Peng

“If you want to learn how to be the best you can be and harness you and your child’s potential, come for this workshop”

Grace Loke

Teenager, 16 Years Old

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