StrengthsTransform Teams

Strengths-Based Teams | Team Building

what is it about?

The StrengthsTransform™ Team programme forges team synergy through Discovery and Synthesis of individual strengths.

  • Turn conflicts into complements
  • Expand on individual genius for collective excellence

Who should attend?

Work teams seeking to:

  1. Forge better communication & more effective partnerships
  2. Resolve conflicts
  3. Build teamwork to attain excellence
Strengths-Based Team Formation
Strengths-Based Team Formation
Strengths-based Teambuilding Activities
Strengths-based Teambuilding Activities

what participants say

StrengthsTransform Client Singhealth

"The most impactful takeaway was understanding one's strength and weakness. Also the thinking to maximise strength (and finding investment opportunity) and mitigate weakness. How to forge teamwork by leverage of team members' strengths”

Dr. Tan Ngiap Chuan, Director (Research)

"The most impactful takeaway was recognising importance of building complimentary strengths in the team. Through the Island Conquest, we exercised situational leadership"

Dr. Tay Ee Guan, Deputy CEO,

SingHealth Polyclinics


"The most impactful takeaway was to know the strengths of team members and how to leverage on one another's strengths.

Before the session, I was ashamed of my own blindspots. After the session, I was more open minded about my blind spot and will look at how and who can able to help me in these areas”

Ng Siew Kuan, Educator


“The most impactful takeaway was how different members can contribute using their various talent theme to achieve the same objective.

Through the Island ConquestTM, I experienced how my team member play their talent theme in achieving the goals. and how we manage to tap on each other's strengths and work together”

Tay Siew Peng, Educator

Ang Mo Kio Secondary School


What was most impactful was knowing each other's strengths and learning how we can complement one another in work to achieve efficiency & improvement together.

Before the programme, I felt that it may stereotype my colleagues. After the workshop however, I am looking forward on how I can work with them in terms of complementing one another strengths/weaknesses.

I will say to others: 'Discover your strengths and promote yourselves to the next stage of life!'”

Felicia Lee, Finance & Operations Manager

STYL Solutions Pte. Ltd.


“I have found the training useful in clarifying personal functions within my company. This was done through the exercise where we crafted our personal branding statement. I will recommend others to come for this workshop.”

Amos Ng, Training Committee (Officers)

Singapore Boys’ Brigade

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