Coach Certification

Coach Certification

Mastering Strengths Transformation

Coach Certification

This is a train-the-trainer course to use the StrengthsTransform™ 360 approach to empower:

  1. Individuals explore & appreciate their own unique talent profiles to improve professional contribution
  2. People to identify & self-disclose their thinking & feeling to communicate better
  3. Teams to synergise members’ talents for team productivity
  4. Leaders to establish a positive strengths-based culture & strategic interdependence.
  5. The certification is conducted using blended-learning, integrating live sessions (in-person or virtual) with online micro-learning (e2grow platform & Gnowbe) over a two-month period.

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Who Should Attend?

Educators, Youth Workers, Counsellors & Coaches seeking to maximise effectiveness & impact using strengths:

  • "How may I influence youths in my unique & most effective ways?"
  • "How may I uncover talents and help them to shine?"

Why Be Certified?

Being certified will give you a grounded & systematic methodology to discover personal strengths, enhance professional & team effectiveness, develop & manage talent.

  • You can leverage the knowledge you’ve gained to design strategies for organisational improvements through the StrengthsTransform lens.
  • You will also gain access to ready-to-use StrengthsTransform Coaching Tools & Reports for one-to-one & team coaching.
  • You will also the license to use and integrate the StrengthsTransform materials in your existing training programmes.


Boy's Brigade Training Committee

"What was most impactful for you?"

This programme enhanced my ability to challenge youths & mould them as future leaders. I now know my unique strengths make me a strategic influencer, to train & empower youth leaders. I also learned to release youths to contribute through their strengths, instead of micromanaging their development. All these helps me to stay relevant to the youths & make a difference in the community.

Personal Coaching

"Would you recommend this programme to others?"

It was an eye opener for me to see how the certified coach crafted and practised the framework to enlighten coachees, inspire ownership in using one's talents at work, and collaborate for strategic solutioning towards unlocking the potential of individuals and professional teams.

Ministry of Education, School

"What was most impactful for you?"

The most significant learning was understanding what each theme means and how it can be used. I can speak to my student about their themes with more confidence & fluidity. If you believe in strength, this course is for you. If you want to help yourself deal better with students or colleagues using strength, this course is for you. Even if you’re skeptical about strength, this course will change your mind.

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