#CoachHG Collection 6: CliftonStrengths Findings In Gender (Developer)

In my previous article, I mentioned that from the database of more than 11 million people, there are 5 talent themes with the highest differentiation between men and women.

Women (21.1%) far exceed men (11.2%) in having Developer in their Signature themes.

As I’ve stated previously, it is important we do not stereotype that “only women are nurturing”.
In today’s article, I’ve therefore chosen this video (on the left) of a man who exhibits the Developer talent theme. In this video, you will see that he:

  1. Gives in order to nurture
  2. Encourages in order to build others’ confidence
  3. Helps in order to see incremental growth
  4. Cultivates in order to help others realise their potential

Indeed, people with Developer talent theme are:
developer cliftonstrengths talent strengthsfinder singapore

  • Able to see potential in others that others often cannot see in themselves
  • Great sources of encouragement
  • Patient to help people grow
  • Commitment to help others’ progress
  • Able to identify suitable steps for development
  • Sharp at noticing genuine effort from others
  • Genuine in helping ‘poor performers’ improve

In this video of Jack Ma, he speaks about Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Love Quotient (LQ). Here, I briefly define these three quotients according to Jack’s general terminology as:

  • IQ = intellectual capability to think
    (Leaning towards Analytical, Strategic, Learner, Intellection talent themes)
  • EQ = emotional capability to feel and understand
    (Leaning towards Empathy talent theme)
  • LQ = capability to care and help
    (Leaning towards Developer talent theme)

Here, Jack Ma esteems the value of EQ & LQ –  in nurturing others, understanding and helping one’s customers.

What are your thoughts on this?
People with both Empathy & Developer talent themes bring a lot of love and acceptance for others. Are you able to identify anyone in your midst who exhibits both talent themes? Would you approach them and affirm them for the nurturing contribution that they have brought to you/ your family/ organisation? As giving people themselves, they certainly deserve our love and acceptance in return.