Graduating "Home Run" with Strengths

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Strengths-based Development Camp for Gan Eng Seng School, 2016

To kickstart the final year of their secondary school life, 300 students from Gan Eng Seng School went through 2 full days of “Strengths-Transformation” with Kingmaker Leadership Institute.

It was to be the best possible preparation for a grueling & defining year ahead – students will face National exams in the form of the GCE “O” or “N” level. It was crucial that students were to be prepared, inspired & motivated to conquer the exams to the best of their ability. The class dynamics was also a key factor to predict a successful outcome.

Kingmaker customised a series of programmes for the graduating cohort:

  1. Discovery & appreciation of each students’ talent themes (StrengthsTransform™
    CAMPUS & StrengthsQuest)
  2. Synergising with peers to form effective teams in learning (StrengthsTransform™ TEAM)
  3. Adding study skills to their talent in order to operate effectively (“Managing Media-Multitasking for Academic Productivity“)
  4. Acquiring social etiquette to enhance one’s social competence (StrengthsTransform™ ESTEEM)