Activator – StrengthsFinder Coach Hee Guan’s Number 4 Theme

I usually utilise my Activator theme in the following phases:

strengthstransform activator cliftonstrengths
  1. What is available out there that excites me because it has potential?
  2. How can I cut off all unnecessary discussion and get into action?
  3. How can I motivate others to join me in the initiative (especially in pioneering)?
  4. How should I change my course of action as I gain a better feel of what works and what doesn’t?

In 2002, I was in a leadership task force to expand our outreach to the youth. Even though there were about 12 of us with diverse views and conviction, I managed to convince them to swing most of our resources to start about 10-14 Boys’ Brigade (BB) and Girls’ Brigade (GB) companies in Singapore. strengthstransform activator strengthsfinder leadership coach heeguan

Phase 1: I was totally convinced that BB can create the betterment of ones’ lives – my own life being a prime example. I expressed this view objectively, based on 15 years’ of experience developing young leaders.

Phase 2: I turned my internal sense of urgency into workable steps to get buy-in from others.

Phase 3: I also volunteered to take initiative as the pioneering lead to strike out.

Phase 4: I continued to provide insight to the task force based on real time feedback from the ground.

Using my Activator theme, I acted as the dynamo in turning ideas into action and generate revolutionary changes! My organisation was mentoring about 700-900 BB/GB youths within 5 years of our pioneering effort on a weekly basis.

Are you able to identify any Activators around you? Their typical traits may appear as:

  • Urgent self-starters
  • Fast opportunists
  • Dynamic instigators
  • Proactive initiators
  • Catalytic pioneers

People with Activator talent can create tremendous pioneering impact and growth in an organisation. What are some breakthroughs that your organisation has been trying to achieve? Consider investing in and maximising the Activators in your midst. Then get ready for action, and see plans and ideas turn into tangible reality.