Addressing Reason 6: “It is just too much work!”

organisation commitment


In my previous article, I highlighted 6 potential reasons why people find it difficult to implement CliftonStrengths in their workplace: 

  1. Alternative tools
  2. Price
  3. Ease of understanding
  4. Level of accuracy
  5. Effectiveness of tool
  6. Commitment 

This list is not exhaustive, but it aims to capture the primary and most common reasons why people may question the necessity of CliftonStrengths. 

In this short article, I’ll address the last reason – Commitment.

You may also choose to revisit the main article before this, or click on any of the other 5 reasons that speak to you. 

Addressing Commitment

If you perceive the application of strengths as a demanding commitment because it requires the transformation of not just yourself but also how a company functions, then you have truly grasped the power of strengths! This inertia towards CliftonStrengths is entirely legitimate and valid!

But this shouldn’t come as a surprise. CliftonStrengths claims to be a tool used for robust and long-lasting transformation, which is essentially why implementing it might be tough. Whenever we are introduced to certain life-changing advice (think “It is so easy to do it, simply follow these 7 steps!”, our inner skeptic begins questioning these claims. However, it is also true that we are a society that typically lean towards quick fixes (e.g., take this slimming pill) rather than put in actual effort towards change (e.g., strict exercise regimes, proper diets and sleep).

To assure you that I am not asking you to take a blind leap of faith, let me share some transformative case studies from varied organisations and industries from our previous clients. 

“This programme provided transparency on me and my team members’ strong and lesser themes, and where I can work on by engaging my team member with the relevant strength. Furthermore, this helps create lesser judgement in work and maximising output and better planning. It is a great workshop!”– Albert Lee, Rohde & Schwarz Asia Pte. Ltd.

“From this programme, I learned how to identify the right person to approach for different matters, either personal or professional. I’m happy to build an even better working environment with my colleagues now. This was one of the best courses I have attended. Thoroughly enjoyed this course and activities planned. This will definitely be useful for our team/department.” – Gwen Leow, Tan Tock Seng Hospital

“Behaviour is what we see, but thoughts and feelings are things that we must disclose in order to empower the behaviour that we show. Through this programme, I learned to study the team grid and individual strengths closely, adjust my team allocation accordingly and coach them according to their natural strengths/blindspots.” – Xu Yuchuan, AIA Singapore

“The programme not only helped me understand my strengths profile, it also helped me learn how to tap into other peoples talents and learn how to manage and control some of my dominant strengths to prevent “overusing” them.” – Chee Yimim, Ministry of Finance

And many more! 

In some organisations we worked with, not 100% of the participants started eager or had a full buy in. At the beginning, we started with just one department. After that particular workshop, we achieved a full buy-in which opened up the opportunity to conduct it for another department. Then another, and another and another. Today, we are administering and conducting CliftonStrengths workshops to almost the entire organisation, from C-suite professionals, to middle managers, to the ground staff of different departments. Each time, the feedback remains similarly positive – that the tool is indeed transforming the way they view themselves, the way they work and interact with one another, and the entire work flow of the organisation. 

In short, do not be afraid of commitment. Rightfully, this is the emotion tied to the journey of transformation. Once you take the first step to unlock your CliftonStrengths profile, I assure you will find value to invest in no one, but yourself!