Studying using StrengthsFinder Themes [How I eventually did it!]  

Studying using StrengthsFinder Themes [How I eventually did it!]   - thumbnail

(This article was written by Gladys, our intern at Kingmaker! Her StrengthsFinder® talent themes makes her a Hands-on, People-Centric Bicultural Practitioner who values challenges and provocative thinking. She is passionate about learning the diversity of cultures.)

Everyone wonders, are there certain talent themes that make-up a good student? If there are, what are they?

For those strong in the Gallup StrengthsFinder Language (if you are new to this, fret not! We got you covered: click HERE to read thoroughly the descriptions of all 34 StrengthsFinder Talent Themes), you might know that modern day education might favor some talent themes

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Behind-the-scenes of a StrengthsFinder Camp

Behind-the-scenes of a StrengthsFinder Camp - thumbnail

(This article was written by Zhi Hui, our intern at Kingmaker! Her StrengthsFinder® talent themes (Empathy | Developer | Restorative | Individualization | Relator) makes her an Authentic People Centric Empowerer who sees the value of Diversity and Potential in Humankind. She is passionate in Social Sciences, in particular areas pertaining to people management, personal development, and leadership.)

I always had camps as a student, be it Secondary School adventure camps or Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) ones. However, I never did think about what goes behind the planning and execution of such activities, much less be part of a team which

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#CoachHG Collection 15: Power Of Clustering (Self-Assurance, Significance & Communication) – StrengthsFinder Singapore

My earlier articles introduce CliftonStrengths talent themes independently:Activator/ Analytical /  Belief / Competition / Developer / Empathy / Futuristic / Harmony / Ideation / Positivity /Relator / Strategic

I then proceed to show how talent themes actually pair-up naturally:

  1. Maximizer-Restorative
  2. Woo-Deliberative
  3. Ideation-Consistency
  4. Adaptability-Context-Focus

I shall attempt to showcase the ‘greater uniqueness’ of individuals through the Power of Clustering; when 3 talent themes blend naturally with one another. 3 of my Dominant themes (in my Top 10) are Self-AssuranceSignificance & Communication.

As a child: When I was 11 years old, I was pretty upset that my Maths teacher was so poor in her teaching. I thought: “If I were to stand up to teach now, I will do a much better job and the whole class will surely

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#CoachHG Collection 14: Conflict Resolution (Adaptability, Context & Focus) – StrengthsFinder Singapore

This article seeks to bring clarity to resolve internal conflict when a person has talent themes that highly contrast with one another.   Though low chance of happening, but there are people who have more than 1 pair of unlikely-paired contrasting talent themes in CliftonStrengths. This article’s case study is on AdaptabilityContext & Focus talent themes. ‘Adaptability & Focus’ and “Context & Focus’ both have less than 1% chance of appearing together in one’s Top 5.  

Adaptability talent theme  

The genius of your Adaptability talent begins with where you “live” in terms of your mind. You live in the present – –

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#CoachHG Collection 13: Conflict Resolution (Ideation & Consistency) – StrengthsFinder Singapore

Please read #CoachHG Collection: Conflict Resolution (Introduction) before proceeding further.

Ideation & Consistency are 2 very contrasting talent themes in CliftonStrengths.

Ideation talent theme

The genius of your Ideation talent begins with your love of ideas and the way you so quickly learn new ideas, concepts and principles. But you are not passive. It is as if you take ideas and then begin spinning them around in your mind. With each new idea you learn, you tend to think about it over and over – – – spinning it around with the many other ideas you already have. The result of this thinking,

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#CoachHG Collection 12: Conflict Resolution (Woo & Deliberative) – StrengthsFinder Singapore

Read #CoachHG Collection: Conflict Resolution (Introduction) before proceeding further.Woo & Deliberative are 2 very contrasting talent themes in CliftonStrengths.  

Woo talent themeThe genius of your WOO talent involves the impact you can have on other people and the ease with which you can win them over. You have an incredible ability to meet new people and almost magically know what to say in order to draw others out. Other people love the attention you give them and the way that you can affirm a person so quickly. Of course you love the process and the challenge of meeting new people. And people love it

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#CoachHG Collection 11: Conflict Resolution (Maximizer & Restorative) – StrengthsFinder Singapore

Read #CoachHG Collection: Conflict Resolution (Introduction) before proceeding further.Maximizer & Restorative are 2 very contrasting talent themes in CliftonStrengths.  

Maximizer talent theme

The genius of your Maximizer talent starts with what you can see in people. You can see the strengths and talents, the potentials and the capabilities, and you can see the emerging abilities within people even before they can see them. But this is only the beginning of the genius of your Maximizer talent. You can literally see what people could be like if they were to fully develop and maximize the talents, potential and emerging abilities within them. is results in

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StrengthsFinder Coaching: Harnessing Power of Unique Profiles

No Ordinary Organisation  

I walked into a busy healthcare facility in the heartland of Singapore. The security guard initiated surprising hospitality-like eye contact and asked me what I needed (not part of his security job!). I said “I have a meeting with Dr. X” (certainly not your usual visitor request in a healthcare facility).

Surprisingly, he walked me personally to the door of Dr. X, checked for his presence in the room, before allowing me to contact Dr. X on my mobile.

During the 10min waiting time before I met Dr. X, two other staff approached

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#CoachHG Collection 10: Conflict Resolution (Introduction) – StrengthsFinder Singapore

My meeting with Jim Clifton, the Chairman & CEO of Gallup For this new series, I would like to focus on ‘Conflict Resolution through a CliftonStrengths lens’. During my last meeting with Jim Clifton, the Chairman & CEO of Gallup, our conversation evolved around 2 core issues:

  1. It is more than Strengths Movement, it is about ‘everybody needs a coach’
  2. Almost every executive coaching eventually evolves around ‘people/relational issues’

With more than 17 million people who have completed their CliftonStrengths profiling, there are certain pairs of talent themes that seldom appear in their Top 5 together; 1% or lower

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#CoachHG Collection 9: CliftonStrengths Findings In Gender (Competition)

From my previous article, I mentioned that from the database of more than 11 million people, there are 5 talent themes with highest differentiation between men and women.

  • Women far exceed men in having Empathy and Developer in their Signature themes – a powerful combination for nurturing others.
  • The number of men with AnalyticalIdeation and Competition in their Signature themes far exceeds the number of women with these themes in their Signature themes.
  • Men (16.3%) far exceed women (6.5%) in having Competition in their Signature themes.

In this article, I shall focus on the 4 factors to develop the Competition talent theme. Factor 1: Awareness of “I want to win” drive

Your …

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