#CoachHG Collection 1: "Belief"

The Beauty of Belief

A person with Belief talent theme is naturally guided & driven by important causes, purposes or values. He is ethical, altruistic and stedfast. He has some very deeply-held beliefs about what is true, what is unchanging, what can be, and always will be. These beliefs go very deep, and provide personal power to stand strong no matter what. This person generates meaning, purpose & direction for life, resulting in a tremendous amount of power, drive & motivation from within. So long as he revolves his life around his deepest values and beliefs, he will experience motivation, drive and determination to make monumental impact in the lives of individuals as well as groups and organizations.

What if someone suppresses his Belief talent theme?
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Last year, I coached someone who was maximising all his Signature themes (image on right), except his Belief talent. His Responsibility theme drove him to take ownership of his family business even though his Belief theme disagreed, because of the nature of the trade. This trade is one that is destructive to the lives of many.
4 of his Signature themes were still able to make his contribution significant. However in the 11th year, he spoke to his family as he could not handle the toxic that was accumulating, as he had been suppressing his Belief theme all the while. Eventually, he left the family business, feeling rejected by family members and having to rebuild his career.

A person with Belief talent needs a non-mercenary environment to thrive. He needs to work in jobs that have clear alignment & purpose to his life. He needs openness in the workplace & trust from others regarding his ethical standing.

What if someone views the world only through his Belief talent theme?
If you have a dominant Belief talent theme, and commonly hear others say the following about you, take extra precaution.
“He/ she…

  • … always thinks he/ she is right.”
  • … is very stubborn.”
  • … is very set in his/ her ways.”
  • … projects himself/ herself as an elitist.”
  • … is unaccepting of other ideas.”
  • … is so opinionated.”

The above are manifestations of someone with Belief talent operating at ‘Basement’ level. This person expects the world to think, feel and behave like him. He becomes a sore thumb in any team or organisation because he creates 2 worlds: “My World”, and “Your World”.

If any of the 2 examples above describe you, then consider these:

  • Is there a major decision I need to make?
  • Is there a major direction I need to take?
  • What are some small steps I can take?
  • Who can guide me for my growth’s sake?

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the person with Belief talent coupled it with humility? What do you think?