#CoachHG Collection 10: Conflict Resolution (Introduction) – StrengthsFinder Singapore

My meeting with Jim Clifton, the Chairman & CEO of Gallup
For this new series, I would like to focus on ‘Conflict Resolution through a CliftonStrengths lens’. During my last meeting with Jim Clifton, the Chairman & CEO of Gallup, our conversation evolved around 2 core issues:
  1. It is more than Strengths Movement, it is about ‘everybody needs a coach’
  2. Almost every executive coaching eventually evolves around ‘people/relational issues’

With more than 17 million people who have completed their CliftonStrengths profiling, there are certain pairs of talent themes that seldom appear in their Top 5 together; 1% or lower chance. Some of these pairs are:

The reason why they are ‘unlikely pairs’ is that they have more contrasting traits than other pairs. In this series of articles, I will share using the following framework:

  1. Brief insight into the first talent theme
  2. Brief insight into the unlikely paired second talent theme
  3. Potential conflict points between 2 persons; each having one talent theme that contrasts with the other (eg. my wife and I)
  4. What if a person have both talent themes in his/her Signature (Top 5) themes?

I’ll like to introduce a fellow Strengths Coach, Yeang Cherng, to you. He has written 2 excellent articles on:

  1. Coaching “Unusual” StrengthsFinder Profiles
  2. Coaching “Unusual” StrengthsFinder Profiles II

These 2 articles will lay a strong foundation for my subsequent articles. See you soon!