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Read #CoachHG Collection: Conflict Resolution (Introduction) before proceeding further.
Maximizer & Restorative are 2 very contrasting talent themes in CliftonStrengths.

Maximizer talent theme

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The genius of your Maximizer talent starts with what you can see in people. You can see the strengths and talents, the potentials and the capabilities, and you can see the emerging abilities within people even before they can see them. But this is only the beginning of the genius of your Maximizer talent. You can literally see what people could be like if they were to fully develop and maximize the talents, potential and emerging abilities within them. is results in you having an incredible impact in the lives of others. As you hold up pictures and mirrors of what you see in others, you help them form new concepts of themselves that build hope and motivation to achieve and be what they have the capacity to be. Moreover, you are a great “coach” in moving people to their greatest potential and in moving people into roles where their potential can be lived out.

Restorative talent theme

The genius of your Restorative talent is found in the way you can think and fix things. This is key to all problem solving. But your ability to fix goes beyond patching things together. The way you restore things involves bringing them back to life. Accordingly, you can have a restorative effect on relationships and in fact, entire organizations. The genius of your Restorative strength is that you are so good at figuring out what is not working, resolving that, and then guiding people to a way of being healthy and highly functional.

Common conflict points between 2 persons; one with Maximizer & the other with Restorative

  1. My Maximizer talent sees potential BUT your Restorative talent sees problems
  2. My Maximizer talent invests to maximise return BUT your Restorative talent invests to minimise disfunction
  3. My Maximizer talent is motivated by greatness in outcome BUT your Restorative talent is motivated by smoothness in operation
  4. My Maximizer talent is selective BUT your Restorative talent is responsive

The way to minimise the conflict and to maximise the collaboration is to operate from  the position of Confident Vulnerability; the confident-awareness of one’s talent contribution to the partnership and the vulnerable-appreciation of the contribution of other’s talent to the same partnership.

What if you have both Maximizer & Restorative talent themes in your Top 5 themes?


You are attracted to and driven by excellence, and you can’t ignore or minimize any problems that erode the quality you love.

We change the ‘BUT‘ to ‘AND‘.

  1. Your Maximizer talent sees potential AND your Restorative talent sees problems; having an eye to solve the ‘most essential problem’ to unlock the greatest potential.
  2. Your Maximizer talent invests to maximise return AND your Restorative talent invests to minimise disfunction; investing in the least problematic area which can generate the greatest return.
  3. Your Maximizer talent is motivated by greatness in outcome AND your Restorative talent is motivated by smoothness in operation; having the highest level of motivation by ensuring the operation is smooth in order to enjoy the great outcome.
  4. Your Maximizer talent is selective AND your Restorative talent is responsive; the ability to selectively be responsive to things that really matter.