#CoachHG Collection 5: CliftonStrengths Findings In Gender (Empathy)

From my previous article, I mentioned that from the database of more than 11 million people, there are 5 talent themes with highest differentiation between men and women.

  • Women (25.8%) far exceed men (12.0%) in having Empathy in their Signature themes.

Below are 9 contributions of people with Empathy talents.

strengthsfinder empathy strengthstransform talent

1. They make others feel valued.
People with strong Empathy talent can sense the emotions of those around them. This enables them to make others feel valued (“You really understand and value me!”).2. They take time to understand and accept others.
They can feel what others are feeling as though the emotions were their own. People with Empathy talent intuitively see the world through others’ eyes and share their perspectives. This enables them to take time to understand and accept others.

3. They listen to unvoiced questions and anticipate needs.
They are able to understand others’ feelings not only from audible words & tones, but also from non-verbal facial expressions & body language. This enables them to listen to unvoiced questions and anticipate needs.

4. They find the right things to say and strike the right tone.
There are times when others are unable to express their feelings, and grapple for words. But the instinctive ability of Empathy talent to understand can be extremely powerful.This enables them to find the right things to say and strike the right tone.

5. They give voice to others’ emotional lives.
Those with Empathy talent have the ability to patiently help people express their feelings. This gives voice to others’ emotional lives.

6. They provide comfort & stability to individuals and community.
They are non-judgmental as they readily put themselves in others’ shoes. Thus they provide comfort & stability to individuals and the community.

7. Others will seek their company.
People with Empathy talent are able to build and form relationships that have great emotional depth. Therefore, others feel understood by them and seek their company.

empathy talent strengthsfinder strengths

8. With them, others feel like they become healthier emotionally.
Those with Empathy talent will eventually form high quality, deep and personal understanding as well as relationships with others. This has profound effect on others because they feel so deeply understood. Thus others feel like they become healthier and are more at peace in your presence.

9. Others feel indebted to your friendship.
They are great lovers of other people. Others often feel fortunate to have a friend with someone with Empathy talent, who understands them at such profound levels. While it may be hard on people with Empathy talent to hear the pain of others, others feel deeply indebted to such a wonderful friend – a sensitive Resonator, a mindful Listener and an intuitive Counsellor.

In conclusion,

  • Is Empathy talent one of your Signature (Top 5) Themes?
  • Do the above 9 contributions describe you?
  • Which 1 or 2 contributions would you like to develop further?

After reading these 9 contributions of Empathy talent, what are your thoughts on the global statistic differentials in gender for this talent theme? Do you have any observations to share from people surrounding you – at work, in the home or among your friends? The genius and beauty of Empathy is certainly in our midst, transforming lives and communities with their sensitivity to the human soul.