#CoachHG Collection 8: CliftonStrengths Findings In Gender (Ideation)

From my previous article, I mentioned that from the database of more than 11 million people, there are 5 talent themes with highest differentiation between men and women.

  • Women far exceed men in having Empathy and Developer in their Signature themes – a powerful combination for nurturing others.
  • The number of men with AnalyticalIdeation and Competition in their Signature themes far exceeds the number of women with these themes in their Signature themes.
  • Men (18.1%) far exceed women (9.7%) in having Ideation in their Signature themes.
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In this article, I shall focus on Ideation talent theme.
  People exceptionally talented in the Ideation theme are fascinated by ideas. They are able to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena. They are creative and appreciate originality. They relish free-thinking experiences such as brainstorming and discussion groups. They have a natural capacity to consider issues from multiple perspectives. They revel in taking the world we all know and turning it around so people can view it from a strangely enlightening angle. They think outside the box. They are fascinated by new ideas and concepts, which come to them easily. They love ideas because they can be profound, they can be novel, they can be clarifying, they can be contrary, and they can be bizarre. For all these reasons they derive a jolt of energy whenever a new idea occurs to them.

In varying intensity, people with Ideation talent theme:

  1. create new ideas out of existing ideas
  2. consider things from multiple angles
  3. connect random ideas and their implications
  4. contemplate new insights frequently
  5. care about newness
  6. captivate others with their originality
  7. capitalise on being unique
  8. carry with them lots of surprises
  9. catch others’ attention
  10. crave for ‘wow’ moment
  11. celebrate changes from the norm
  12. challenge status quo
  13. choose the unchartered path
  14. contrast with the conventional

Ron Munsey, a night time janitor at Peter Woodbury School in New Hampshire surprises elementary students with creative designs on their classroom rugs each morning. Which of the 14 traits does Ron exhibit?

It is a must seen performance! One-Man-Band Show by amazing Yon Gondrong from Indonesia’s Got Talent. Which of the 14 traits does Yon exhibit?

In conclusion,

  • Is Ideation talent one of your Signature (Top 5) Themes?
  • How many of the above 14 traits describe you? How do they contribute to your past successes?
  • Supposed tomorrow, you are contributing these traits to your family or organisation and you are extremely well received and appreciated by others. What are some different approaches you are using then compare to how you used to utilise Ideation talent?

After reading the 14 traits of Ideation talent, what are your thoughts on the global statistic differentials in gender for this talent theme? The genius and beauty of Ideation is certainly in our midst, stimulating our minds with fresh thoughts, inspiring our hearts with new excitement and energise our actions with great anticipation of the outcome.