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Positive Parenting with Strengths

Positive Parenting with Strengths is a strengths-based parenting programme using Gallup StrengthsFinder & Strengths Explorer as a mediating language to bridge communication between parents & teens.
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Courtship & Marriage

StrengthsTransform™ Courtship & Marriage Binding uses the Gallup StrengthsFinder language to mediate communication for couples.
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Hear from some of our clients:

Peng, Mom of 2


Mom of 2

“Excellent content and trainer. Informative, engaging, relevant, with the delivery of workshop personalized to individual attendees. Definitely worth investing your time to attend.”
Christy, Mom of 1


Mom of 1

I encourage families to understand their strengths and help one another to excel in their own talents & gifts. Even though parents and their children have different strengths, if they are able to further complement each other’s strengths, it will be very exciting and interesting.
Grace Loke, National Junior College

Grace Loke

National Junior College

“I like it because it is interactive – both parent & child get to sit together to discuss with each other about their signature talent themes. If you want to learn how to be the best you can be and harness you and your child’s potential, come for this workshop.”
Jenny Chua, Mother of 3

Jenny Chua

Mother of 3

“Realising the Harmony and Belief traits in me has urged me to make good my limited time with my loved ones, and even review my day-to-day tasks to realign not only with my passion but with those that can help me provide for my family. I also appreciate that part of myself that never wants to ‘rock the boat’ in the face of a challenging circumstance in my family or my workplace.”