Strengths-Based & Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting with Strengths

What is it about?

Positive Parenting with Strengths is a strengths-based parenting programme using Gallup StrengthsFinder & StrengthsExplorer as a mediating language to Bridge Communication between parents & teens. Participants understand differences in each others’ thinking, feeling & behaviour and learn to:

  • Play to each other’s strengths in the family
  • Improve communication, reduce misunderstanding & resolve conflicts
  • Gain alignment on optimal path for growth & development

Who should attend?

Parents (& Teenagers) seeking to improve understanding & communication in the family:

  1. How may I use my talents to be an effective parent?
  2. How may spouses complement each other’s talents for parenting?
  3. What are my teenager’s unique talents? How may I bring out the best in him?
  4. How can we communicate better between parents & teens?

What Participants Say

Realising the Harmony and Belief traits in me has urged me to make good my limited time with my loved ones, and even review my day-to-day tasks to realign not only with my passion but with those that can help me provide for my family. I also appreciate that part of myself that never wants to ‘rock the boat’ in the face of a challenging circumstance in my family or my work-place.”

Ms. Jenny Chua, Mother of 3

I like the list of possibilities listed and show, where there are over a million different variations & combinations. It is so important to know and refine our strengths. Most importantly, I have benefitted.

Matthew, Teenager

The workshop helped me to understand my children better, particularly in the area where we are different. It is so crucial to focus on our children’s & our own strengths in order to accomplish great things in life. I am a firm believer in this and hence chose to attend this programme.

Rev. William Loke, Father of 2

Definitely worth investing your time to attend the workshop. Excellent content and trainer. The best part is that the workshop is customized to the attendees.

Mrs. Peng, Mother of 2

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