StrengthsTransform™ Personal Mastery

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What is this about?

The StrengthsTransform™ Personal Mastery programme empowers youths to develop resilience & overcome challenges. Instead of merely focusing on deficits, this applies positive psychology to engage youths to master the teenage development journey.

  • Master your thoughts & feelings through understanding strengths
  • Overcome challenges by playing to your talents
  • Use strengths to direct your life for maximum fulfilment & well-being

Who should attend?

Youths (15 & above) seeking to overcome challenges through strengths-based development:

  1. “How may I overcome challenges using my innate talents?”
  2. “How can I use my strengths to re-engage in family & society?”
  3. “How may I clarify my vision for career excellence & purpose in life?”

What Participants Say

Anglo Chinese School (Barker)

“This programme helped me realize the talents I had and helped me understand how to manage my time on the Internet.”

Cyrus Lim, Student Anglo Chinese School (Barker)

“I like the trainer. I will tell others that the programme was illuminating and would recommend to one who wants to find out their talents.”

Lucas Chong, Student
Pei Hwa Secondary School

“I think that understanding my strengths make me feel more confident in what I do next time.”

Gershon, Student Pei Hwa Secondary School

“Understanding my strengths enables me to reach to my fullest potential”

Aloysius, Student

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