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Complete Suite of StrengthsFinder Solutions for Development, Performance Management, Team Building and Employee Engagement.

Programmes for Professionals


Professional Series

The StrengthsTransform™ Professional series uses StrengthsFinder to power excellence & engagement in careers by discovering, developing & directing one’s unique talents.
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The StrengthsTransform™ Leadership course powers corporate excellence through Strengths-based selection, team building & management.
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The StrengthsTransform™ Team programme forges team synergy, builds a collaborative culture of organizational excellence.
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Coach Certification

The StrengthsTransform™ Coach Certification programme equips participants to use StrengthsTransform™ Diagnostic & Coaching tools to help clients discover their talents and facilitate intervention.
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Hear from some of our clients:

Genesis Gym, Jonathan Wong, Master Coach

Genesis Gym

Jonathan Wong, Master Coach

“Genesis Gym is a cutting-edge private gym that covers the domain expertise in strength & performance, health & nutrition, biomedical acupuncture for pain management & injury rehab, acupressure based muscle strengthening techniques, hormone profiling, detoxification and weight loss. I have been actively looking for a professional coach who is able to further discover & develop the talents of my young and professional coaches in my private gym.

When I came across StrengthsFinder, I was intrigued by how it can potentially build my staff team. More amazingly, I was privileged to have Principal Consultant Tan Hee Guan who was not only well versed in the Strengths Language, he is also extremely wise & experience to draw out insightful discussion as he skillfully facilitated the team.

After the coaching, my staff team has a high level of appreciation for one another and is able to call upon the strengths of one another. The Strengths training resulted in a much more positive atmosphere among my staff (bearing in mind that they are already a group of highly motivated professionals before Hee Guan’s coaching).

I strongly recommend StrengthsTransform™ to any organisation that needs to improve the engagement and well-being of her team.”
Daryl Ou, Managing Director, Focus Property Exchange

Daryl Ou

Managing Director, Focus Property Exchange

FOCUS Property recently went through a major restructuring and needed to maintain the morale of the team. We also need to strengthen a strong ‘team concept’ as most property agents are extremely independent. I want to create a positive work environment and enhance synergy.

StrengthsTransform was both a good developmental tool and came with great coaches and trainers. In a climate of frequently failed training, it was hard to get a big team of people to buy in.

However, it was different with StrengthsTransform™. Within 20 minutes, there was a total buy-in when my staff openly shared their concerns and asked some challenging questions. They were fully engaged as they Name, Claim and Aim their Signature Themes.

The highlight of the workshop was when we crafted our personal ‘Professional Branding’. There was such agreement and affirmation when everyone read out his/her ‘Professional Branding’ as a property agent.

It is amazing how the strengths language continues to linger among my company and everyone started looking out for the positive side of colleagues and clients. There is also an obvious keenness & willingness to tap on one another’s strengths to increase performance.
Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Teo Hui Leng, Director

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Teo Hui Leng, Director

The most impactful takeaway was learning my talent themes and seeing how even apparently contrasting talent themes can complement for better performance. Before the workshop, I only knew my talent themes. After the session, I know the talent themes of my team and how we can complement each other.

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