#CoachHG Collection 4: CliftonStrengths Findings In Gender (Introduction)

Last night, I was at a small group gathering and the ice-breaker prompt given was “The husband is the Head (of the household) and the wife is the neck”. Who makes what decisions in our families? The first few couples shared typical viewpoints like, “Being a husband, I am the disciplinarian and my wife is the more caring type…” or “I help to nurture the children but my husband is the more logical type”. When it came to the last couple to share, they were the total opposite: My wife is great with figures (numbers) and I am super friendly with children!

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This is my stand:

  • I will not stereotype mothers to be nurturing and fathers to be logical.
  • From a Strengths perspective, collected data show a much higher percentage of women who have ‘nurturing’ traits and men who have ‘logical’ traits.

From the database of more than 11 million people, there are 5 talent themes that have the greatest differential between men and women in their Signature Themes!

  • Women far exceed men in having Empathy and Developer in their Signature themes; a powerful combination to nurture others.
  • The number of men with AnalyticalIdeation and Competition in their Signature themes far exceeds the number of women with these themes in their Signature themes.

In the next 5 posts, get ready for the unveiling for the next 5 talent themes!