#CoachHG Collection 7: CliftonStrengths Findings In Gender (Analytical)

From my previous article, I mentioned that from the database of more than 11 million people, there are 5 talent themes with highest differentiation between men and women.

  • Women far exceed men in having Empathy and Developer in their Signature themes – a powerful combination for nurturing others.

Over the next few articles, I shall focus on Analytical, Ideation and Competition talent themes.

  • The number of men with AnalyticalIdeation and Competition in their Signature themes far exceeds the number of women with these themes in their Signature themes.
  • Men (21.1%) far exceed women (11.2%) in having Analytical in their Signature themes.

Below are 5 contributions of people with Analytical talents; one with Raw talents (unpolished way of utilising) and the other with Mature Strengths (utilised in a productive way):

This video shows a productive way of utilising Analytical talent theme on ‘video gaming trend’ & ‘break up trend’.

1. How the mind works? 
Formulates many questions vs penetrating questions
2. What type of question?
Subjective information seeking vs objective fact/truth seekingquestions
3. How the questions flow?
Flow aimlessly towards nowhere/everywhere vs purposefully towards the essential goal
4. The manner they ask “What evidence do you have . . .?” and “Can you prove it . . .?”
It sounds like they are interrogating with a spirit of skepticism vs investigating with a spirit of excellent precision
5. How they handle the information?
Randomly applies the information vs applies most essential information in decision making, problem solving & planning

In conclusion,

  • Is Analytical talent one of your Signature (Top 5) Themes?
  • Which of the above 5 ways do you usually exhibit in the Mature ways? How can you utilise the talent more in your organisation? Who will notice your greater contribution?
  • Which of the above 5 ways do you usually exhibit in the Raw ways? Supposed tomorrow, you are utilising the talent in the Mature ways in your family or organisation and you are extremely well received and appreciated by others. What are some differences between then (Mature) compare to how you used to (Raw) utilise your Analytical talent?

After reading these 5 contributions of Analytical talent, what are your thoughts on the global statistic differentials in gender for this talent theme? Do you have any observations to share from people surrounding you – at work, in the home or among your friends? The genius and beauty of Analytical is certainly in our midst, increasing the quality of questioning with precision, deriving truths and executing with confidence.