Coaching "Unusual" StrengthsFinder Profiles II

An 18 year old student got her StrengthsFinder profile. After scrutinising her Strengths Reports, she approached me with a troubled look at the end of a Strengths Introduction session.

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“I’m unsure about these three talent themes – they don’t seem to describe me” #activator #individualization #deliberative

STEP #1: Define Talent Themes Precisely & Concisely

To check for her understanding, I asked…

(1) What do you understand by these three themes?

strengthsfinder strengthstransform talent theme report

Some people are still unable to pinpoint & confirm their top 5 with these reports. In such cases, it is imperative that coaches are able to provide concise & precise descriptions for the themes.

(2) (Hearing her understanding) “That is partially true, but a more direct way to explain this is…”

  • #activator – “hate to wait” & “try first & learn along the way”
  • #individualization – “easily notices preferences of people & caters to each with different approaches”
  • #deliberative – “naturally sees risks, thinks of what may go wrong & takes precautions”

(3) “When do you think, feel or behave that way?”

  • Check whether they can clearly & concretely identify manifestation of talent themes

(4) “That sounds right. You do manifest these talent themes. Why did you feel (2 minutes ago) that it doesn’t describe?”

STEP #2: Discern for Contrasts & Unlikely Pairs in Top 5

(5) I notice contrasting pairs of themes in your top 5. Do you recall situations where you vacillate between the talent themes?

  • #activator usually wants to start & get things off the ground. However #deliberative may prefer to carefully consider risks before starting.
  • #command usually wants to take charge and lead people to follow your decision. However #individualization prefers to cater to & adjust to people’s preferences.
Strengthsfinder coaching consultation strengthstransform singapore

Spot on!

The lady could identify many situations where she felt “torn”. It was because of these situations that she found it hard to accept that she had #activator, #individualisation and #deliberative.

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