Command – StrengthsFinder Coach Hee Guan’s Number 1 Theme

Today, I was walking along a small lane and witnessed a possibility of two cars colliding. The word “crisis” loomed before me. I instinctively stretched out my hands, stared at the drivers and ‘commanded’ the cars according to what I want. I would think that if there were two other cars unwilling to give way, resulting in a stalemate situation, I would have also stepped out to ‘command and control’ the situation.

My Command is the most alive during a crisis and stalemate situation. My Command theme is usually manifested in 4 phases:

  1. Arise to the Challenge
  2. Assure the Crowd
  3. Activate a Course
  4. Advance to Conquer

I will elaborate on these 4 phases using a Basement example.

When I was 15 years old, my Chinese teacher warned me:

“Hee Guan, if you continue with such behaviour, I will throw you down from the 4th storey!”
“Wow, this is so exciting!”

My Command loved such a crisis the teacher had created. I immediately Arose to the Challenge by literally standing up. I tried to look as cool as possible in order to Assure my classmates that I was in full control; and not my teacher. Then my mind spontaneously Activated a plan to solve this crisis. Finally, I Advanced towards my teacher and told him ‘throw me down NOW’. After ‘conquering’ my teacher, I walked back to my seat as a victor.

Well, as mentioned, my Command at the Basement created a victory for myself at the expense of respect for authority, harmony in the class and a productive learning environment. From hindsight, I was actually a self-centered and defensive loser.

I am thankful that after many years of investing in my Command (from Talent to Strength), it has moved towards the Balcony in my adulthood. I had a PEAK Experience when I was 33 years old.

strengthsfinder singapore strengths coach heeguan command talent theme

When I received a call during my retreat in Malacca (Malaysia), I arose to the call to lead a crisis relief team to Meulaboh (the worst Tsunami-hit area). During the time of uncertainty, I provide tremendous Assurance to the team and minimized a lot of tension. I provided clarity regarding the roles and task execution whenever I Activated the members to send in the crisis relief goods. Yes, the team Advanced and conquered all adversities as we headed back to Singapore with our heads held high.

My Command at the Balcony created a great sense of accomplishment for self, collective productivity for the team and speedy relief for the Tsunami victims. I have indeed grown to be others-centered and defender of the helpless.