Meeting with Gallup CEO Jim Clifton

16 Million StrengthsFinder Users

I had the privilege of being invited to a select group of certified StrengthsFinder Coaches in Singapore to meet with Gallup CEO Jim Clifton. It was an exciting time learning & contributing to the Strengths movement. After all, it was only recently that we reached the milestone of 16 million StrengthsFinder users. My team and me at StrengthsTransform™ had the privilege of contributing 9,000 to that number!

Empowering Strengths Coaches

gallup strengths CEO strengthsfinder

However it was apt that Jim mentioned that henceforth, the challenge was not about just about StrengthsFinder or Positive Psychology. Rather the upcoming movement was to be a movement of COACHING – growing & empowering many coaches that will eventually bring the impact to the whole world!