My Journey in StrengthsFinder

Starting Right with Strengths

I first encountered StrengthsFinder in 2012 when I attended a group coaching session with Half-Time Asia. I had many queries that the coach could not answer. That resulted in a pause in my quest for some time. Here I learned that many people (like me) who possess the #analytical talent theme, often require precise & reliable technical answers in order to start right with StrengthsFinder.

Coach Certification & Development

Much as my interest was piqued (#learner), it was only 2 years later that I had access to real answers through the Accelerated Strengths Coaching Course. It provided me with a good start, good resources, and most of all, an extended time to dive into the many fascinating aspects of Strengths.
I started taking first steps towards coach-certification, took on clients for the first time, and quickly progressed to propagating the strengths-based development in the education sector with Kingmaker Leadership Institute. Very soon, the interest escalated & I went on to be certified with the Builder’s Profile 10 (for Entrepreneurs), Q12 (Gallup’s workplace engagement survey), and Strengths Strategy Coaching Certification.
This brought me to meet many excellent strengths practitioners & researchers such as Jim HarterDeanna Murphy, Dean Jones, Jim Collison, Jamie Librot etc. They each added a different but unique insight into my own journey in strengths.

StrengthsFinder Consulting in Singapore

Soon this exploded. To meet the needs of the adult strengths training, and to develop a robust set of curricula to scale the services, I started Amplitude Consulting Pte. Ltd. & co-created StrengthsTransform™ brand – a range of proprietary training solutions for developing people & organisations with Strengths.

Impact with Strengths

Understanding & using StrengthsFinder has really “strengths-transformed” my life. My entire business is built as a strengths-based organisation. My family & children are living lives informed & directed by strengths. I’ve also had the privilege of helping many others use strengths to transform their careers, organisations & communities. Each day is a fresh journey in strengths as we strive to understand and bring out the best in ourselves & the people around us. Everyday we build stronger teams and greater synergy.
I am most excited at the greater possibilities ahead. With more than 9,000 clients in the past 3 years, we are dreaming of reaching deep into Asia with StrengthsTransform. Join me for this exciting journey!